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For the iGenius Milan & Swiss Headquarter we are currently seeking a Senior Machine Learning Engineer with a Computer Science Bachelor Degree/Statistics/Maths or equivalent.
We would expect the successful candidate to have a strong computational background, especially in the field of Machine Learning.
Must have 2 year’s at least Industry experience, as well as advanced Team management skills.

Some of your activities:

  • Contribute to machine learning research
  • Formulate and run experiments and improve algorithms based on results
  • Contribute to the company's culture through code reviews
  • Mentoring, research and design discussions
  • Review documents, designs and code done by others and provide constructive feedback
  • Continuously develop your own machine learning and engineering skills and help others to improve theirs
  • Work with ML engineers ( also remotely) to migrate research prototypes to production
  • Proficiency in Python programming
  • Experience with Python ML/DL libraries and frameworks (es. scikit-learn, TensorFlow, Keras, Pytorch)
  • Experience in deep learning architectures.
  • Strong knowledge of designing end to end ML flows
  • Strong ability to understand and communicate technical concepts clearly and effectively
  • Work collaboratively to enhance performance, with proactivity problem solving attitude
  • Ability to work on multiple projects, under deadline pressure
  • Excellent communication and relational skills Fluent English
Working at iGenius
  • Your career path will be unique and personalized. We are providing the opportunity to develop and grow your skills to make you more effective and satisfied in the daily job.
  • You’ll find an informal, young and dynamic work environment with a flat structure
  • We’re proud of being innovative and always up for tech growth and change.
  • Salary will be based on experience, with added bonuses and benefits.
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