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Investors At iGenius we’re on a mission to empower businesses with better Artificial Intelligence.
Our milestones so far
February 2018 iGenius joins the SVO Starting from February, iGenius is officially part of the SVO, San Jose, bringing Silicon Valley businesses together with shared a vision for innovation.
January 2018 Google Cloud Platform case study iGenius was selected as a Google Cloud Platform case study for top use of Machine Learning, cloud technologies and fast data retrieval. The case study was presented at Google Italy.
December 2017 AI marketing automation for e-commerce Time for an e-commerce implementation on crystal, allowing AI to notify users about the right time to start a Facebook or Instagram campaign, automating campaign creation and optimization.
November 2017 San Jose and Sierre offices iGenius entered Silicon Valley with a new office in San Jose and expanded Artificial Intelligence know-how with an R&D hub in Sierre, Switzerland, bringing team members up to over 50.
October 2017 Selected for Facebook Accelerator iGenius was chosen for the all-new Accelerator by Facebook, beginning a 3-month full immersion into making AI advisor crystal just the right fit for Small to Medium businesses.
September 2017 Raised $5 million Our first private angel investors are strong believers in the power of digital and allowed iGenius to up their game.
July 2017 New enterprise projects in Summer brought a new enterprise wave into iGenius, starting customized Artificial Intelligence projects for two leading global brands from France and Italy.
May 2017 Partnership with DataSift for LinkedIn KPIs A partnership between iGenius and major data provider DataSift was made in order to make crystal one of the first AI solutions to provide over 1,000 privacy-first LinkedIn Engagement Insights.
February 2017 Top 8 startup at Startup Grind California iGenius was officially selected to take part in Startup Grind by Google for Entrepreneurs, held in Redwood City, California, and listed among top 8 startups by their investor club.
December 2016 New London office opening Time to expand on the UK market - we celebrated by taking part in TechCrunch London 2016 Hackathon presenting social rating concept rated.ai.
November 2016 Top 10 AI startup at Web Summit iGenius was listed among the ten Artificial Intelligence companies to invest in at tech mecca Web Summit, held in Lisbon.
September 2016 crystal beta launched at TechCrunch San Francisco iGenius’ virtual advisor crystal was acclaimed as the AI solution “to make digital marketing sexy” (TechCrunch). This resulted in over 1,500 brands signing up in the following 15 days.
June 2016 crystal alfa presented at Cannes Lions Innovation It took iGenius a fully dedicated team of 25 people and a month only to take the first virtual advisor for marketing from concept to early product, signing up customers such as Google, Coca Cola, JWT, Dentsu and Mindshare.
January 2016 Raised $1.5 million We started out with a first round to expand our team, technologies and get us started on building crystal alfa.
Future calling
We have a vision, a capital and we’re scaling up.
$7,000,000 Raised from angel investors
Digital minded Personal growth is everything, so if your skills, character and vision push you beyond, we’ll make sure you’re progressing.
Growing fast Personal growth is everything, so if your skills, character and vision push you beyond, we’ll make sure you’re progressing.
97650 GitLab Commits Working fast and together, to infinity and beyond
6075 Completed tasks
408850 Lines of code
27432 Slack messages
16 Coding languages
1200 Deliveroo orders Because fueling code greatness requires calories
10763.9 Sq. feet Now in Italy, US, UK and Switzerland. Where next?
4 Offices
10 Languages
50 Team Members
204 Worldwide talks We’ve been spreading the word quite a lot recently
47 Conferences
64 Pitches
5 Hackathons
35 Workshops
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