At iGenius we know Artificial Intelligence can be people’s best friend. We work to achieve that by innovating through Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and super-fast data retrieval.
Fast data retrievalSpeed | Response | Real-timeFast data retrieval ensures more-than-human speed in processing, comparing and analyzing enormous amounts of information from any data source, turning them into actionable insights and providing end users with real-time response to their requests.
Machine LearningAI | Algorithms | Machine LearningBy learning about your multi-source data, a Machine and Deep Learning system creates a knowledge graph of your business, getting smarter with time at predicting needs and figures, self-providing context, and automating tasks.
Natural Language ProcessingConversational | Text to Speech | Human-centricNLP makes data literally speak in human language, enabling people to get the insights they need from data in the most natural way - by talking. This means AI-fueled business solutions can feel like virtual colleagues.
Simply put, something like crystalcrystal is the first AI-based advisor for business intelligence, moving people from searching for the insights they need to just asking for them in voice.
Making it happen
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